How to Join/Application

How to Join

  • Submit completed and signed membership forms, including the completed and signed Assumption of Risk and Indemnification Agreemen. Every adult must sign, and all children must be listed and signed for by parent/legal guardian.

  • Membership Application (PDF)

  • Submit membership fee or authorization to charge membership fee to credit card.

  • Submit a picture of everyone on the membership by one of the following methods:

    Upload a colored picture (front-facing) of each member HERE


    Mail a colored picture (front-facing) of everyone on the membership. (Please attach and identify each picture on the roster provided)

  • Mail above items to:

    Woodcroft Swim Club
    16 Stenersen Ln., Suite 4A
    Hunt Valley, MD 21030

  • Pool passes will be mailed to you. All passes will be in one envelope bearing the primary member's name.

Membership Application (PDF)